10 Purification Steps

for Home and Business

  1. Experiment: Your OxiLeaf is portable. Move it around! But be considerate of others;it is rare but some do not initially like the smell of activated oxygen.
  2. Purify: Purify daily with a remote system
  3. Help your car breathe: Restore your vehicle with a fresh-smelling interior.
  4. Purify your closet: Place OxiLeaf in a closet to deodorize and sanitize.
  5. Sanitize your heating and cooling ventilation: Just place your air purifier directly in front of the cold air return or intake of your ventilation system. Allow the set-up to run at least 12 hours.
  6. Improve sleep quality: Simply pull the blankets back to expose the mattress and pillows. Set the air purifier on the foot of the bed, pointed toward the headboard. Turn your air purifier on high. Cover purifier and bed with a light sheet to make a “tent” over everything except the back of the air purifier. This will concentrate the activated oxygen deep into your bedding to reduce or oxidize the gross stuff.
  7. Use on seasonal items: For RVs, campers tents and boats, place the unit inside and make sure there is some ventilation.
  8. Mold-be-gone: Remove mold from the basement or bathroom by running OxiLeaf to dramatically remove moldy, musty odors and restore freshness.
  9. Hammer remodeling fumes: Using OxiLeaf in an area where you have remodeled can help alleviate some of these hazardous fumes.
  10. Spruce up storage areas: Place OxiLeaf in the center of the closet or storage space up as high as possible. If what you’re purifying is a small item like a chest or trunk, close the lid with an inch of space.