Our Customers Raving Testimonials:

“I absolutely love my OxiLeaf and will never travel without it. During my last business trip to Atlanta I stayed in what should have been a non-smoking room. As someone who is highly allergic to smoke I knew someone had smoked in that room due to the reaction I was having. I quickly remembered I had just received my OxiLeaf. I was a little pessimistic that it would work as I have tried so many other things and have always been disappointed. My husband and I decided to plug it in and go get dinner. To my surprise when we got back about 45 minutes later the room smelled fresh and clean. I couldn’t believe that the smoke smell was completely gone. Both my husband and I had the best sleep we’ve had in years and we didn’t wake up with any allergies like we normally do. I would highly recommend the OxiLeaf to anyone that suffers from allergies as I do or for those sensitive to smells. I know what I will be getting my family as gifts.”

-Gina Lovett
Smart Bargain & Deals Retailer, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

“My wife and I have always been conscious of air quality. When we heard about the OxiLeaf Air Purifiers we bought two, one for our bedroom and one for my home office. The day I got the OxiLeaf we had plumbers working on a sewer pipe in out basement. We had a lot of sewer gas in the bathroom so I plugged in an OxiLeaf. Within a short time the smell was gone! Unbelievable! It’s incredible the amount of ozone that one OxiLeaf puts out. Our home smells fresh and clean! We also really like fact they are small enough to stick into a suitcase to travel with. Another great product making a HAPPY customer!”

-Matt & Shelly Gingerich